Live online Pilates and Yin Yoga classes

Maintain your movement practice from anywhere in the world with online classes. These classes will give you the motivation to work out privately or with others in inclusive live sessions, without having to enter a studio environment.

Group classes are free or by donation for those who are able. 






Subscribe to our Class Library to access recordings of Pilates and Yin Yoga classes at any time from any where. 

Find quick workouts, full classes and targeted areas of the body on the mat with small props, as well as classes with the Pilates apparatus.


The situation the past year has enabled us to meet from all around the world to share movement practices, and together we have created an amazing and supportive community through this new format. What started as a daunting endeavour has proven to be a connective, motivating and very cosy home practice open to everyone.


We run our online classes livestream via Zoom. You can download the app, or run it from your web browser. You will receive the class link in the email confirmation. A list of any required props is sent about 10 minutes before the class. For Privates, we can utilise any props or equipment available to you to create personalised sessions. 

What to bring

If you don't have any props, not to worry. Since everyone joins in from many different spaces, we utilise props that are easily found around the home. You can use a big towel, a small towel, cushions, two cans of veggies or water bottles, a chair, a wall, thick books and a blanket. (Or a yoga bolster, hand weights, foam roller, chi ball, sliders, yoga blocks.)

How to prepare

Create a relaxing zone.
Prepare a mat or blanket with some space around you.
Position your camera so that we can give corrections.
Join the meeting 5 minutes before the class starts.
Say Hi! Then mute your mic.

Enjoy some juicy moves!


« Change happens through movements and movement heals. »
- Joseph Pilates 



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